Taxi Commission Description (cont'd)

The Taxi Commission may request any Village licensee to appear before it for a hearing based upon any complaint against such licensee relative to the provisions of this chapter or any other applicable local law or state law. Upon request, the Taxi Commission shall receive from the Justice Court all reports of any convictions for which a summons was issued and shall, upon request, be provided copies of complaints received by the Police Department and complaints received from the public and copies of all accidents involving the licensee. The licensee shall be given the opportunity to be heard, including the right to present witnesses, confront his or her accuser and the right to cross-examine witnesses against him or her. After a hearing, the Taxi Commission may suspend or revoke any such license or take such other action as it may deem proper. It shall file its determination, together with supporting findings of fact, with the Clerk, who shall forward a copy of same to the licensee.