PHASE 3 News & Updates From The Office Of The Village Manager: June 23, 2020

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Dear Village Residents:
Beginning on June 23, 2020, The Mid-Hudson region, which includes Westchester County, will enter NY Forward’s Phase 3.  
What does this mean?
Phase 3 re-opening means that many non-essential businesses and business activities located here in The Village of Port Chester that were previously suspended will now be permitted to resume, in a slow and deliberate manner, and only under the guidance provided by New York State.  You may visit the official NY FORWARD website for detailed information:
Which businesses  does Phase 3 apply to?
In regions that have reached Phase 2, such establishments may open outdoor spaces with seating for customers, in accordance with “Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Outdoor and Take-Out/Delivery Food Services.” In regions that have reached Phase 3, such establishments may open indoor spaces with seating for customers, in accordance with the guidelines below/in “Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Food Services.” “Outdoor space” is defined as open-air space designated for the consumption of food/beverage, which may have a temporary or fixed cover (e.g. awning or roof), so long as such cover has at least two open sides for airflow
Additionally, Indoor capacities are to be regulated by management and limited as not to exceed 50% OF THE PERMITTED MAXIMUM CAPACITY (EXCLUSIVE OF EMPLOYEES).
Mandatory and recommended best practices for safety can be found on the NY FORWARD website: Business owners must adhere to social distancing, establish a safety plan, and read & affirm the New York State business affirmation guidelines adopted during the previous phases.  Additionally, businesses must ensure that indoor and outdoor tables with seating are separated by a minimum of 6ft in all directions.  Guests/ invitees to dine together at a single table must noT exceed 10 persons; there is no requirement that all persons must be related.
During the COVID-19 public health emergency, all personal care businesses should stay up to date with any changes to state and federal requirements related to personal care businesses and services and incorporate those changes into their operations.
This guidance is not intended to replace any existing applicable local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and standards. This guidance applies to non-hair-related personal care businesses and services, including tattoo and piercing facilities, appearance enhancement practitioners, massage therapy, spas, cosmetology, nail specialty, UV and non-UV tanning, or waxing. This guidance does not apply to any hair-related personal care services (e.g. haircutting, coloring, or styling), which are addressed in “Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Hair Salons and Barbershops”.
Such providers should implement “by appointment only” policies to limit walk-in customers and prevent large crowd gatherings, as well as, use best practices to keep products and materials from being handled by multiple customers.  Additional recommended safety measures can be found here:

To further assist you in determining if your business is eligible to re-open, or if a service you wish to utilize may be operating, please utilize NY State’s NY FORWWARD BUSINESS REOPEN LOOKUP TOOL. 

Again, as we enter Phase 3 here in The Village of Port Chester, it remains paramount that we exercise caution and continue to utilize best sanitary practices to keep our social distancing, wearing a mask in public, and  staying aware of our surroundings. For local business owners it is important that you communicate with your staff the need for proper visual markings indicating proper distancing protocols and monitor the regular cleaning of high contact areas which will prove necessary to maintain safe interactions with the public and customers.

The metrics that have been utilized by The State of New York to establish this phased plan, and met by The Mid-Hudson Region, will continue to be monitored over the next two (2) weeks.  At that time, our region could be approved to enter Phase 4; in order for our region to achieve this status, however, we will need to continue to show metric improvement.

For reference, always remember to C.A.R.E.:

 Clean & Sanitize
Wear A Mask
 Report Health Code Violations
 Educate Yourself




Please remember as well, that we continue to be under National, State, County, Town, and local states of emergencies, however slightly amended to allow certain permissions for local services to resume. We will continue to focus our attention on Phases 3 and 4 and the opening of our village businesses in the safest and healthiest way to provide a path to our “New Normal.”  Likewise, the needs and safety of our residents and local business owners continues to be the priority, so in keeping with same, the Local State of Emergency I previously declared under the powers granted to me by Article 2 B of the New York State Executive Law remains in effect to assist in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of our community until such time that I see it prudent to amend or retract these legislations.  For now, the use of public park equipment and organized sports/ league play, parades, processions , and all related activities will continue to be suspended until such time that they are permitted under the NY FORWARD phase plan; be advised that although the Governor has decreed that summer camps may open for June 29th around the state, all other types of recreation activities remain appropriated by New York State to Phase 4.  Please remember that The Village of Port Chester Recreation Department’s policy on the cancelling of 2020 Summer Camps will not be amended; parents are advised to make alternative arrangements for 2020 Summer camp activities.  If our recreation department is capable of providing Summer programming, while keeping within the safety and welfare guidelines yet to be communicated by both the NY State and Westchester County Health Departments, informed decisions will be made at that time on what programming could be scheduled, and even more importantly, where such activities could take place.

Be sure to continue to read and follow the village’s notices, like those we have posted in our downtown area, within local businesses, residential neighborhoods, as well as those alerts and advisories  we provide online via our official website, our social media, and through the NIXLE alert system. 

As we have communicated regularly since March, the COVID-19 outbreak has been the focus of much of our government resources over the last few months.  Regardless of these hurdles, we have been successful in keeping operations at high output levels, answering public concerns, distributing masks and other PPE, and keeping business as close to ‘usual’ as could possibly be done; we have kept The Village of Port Chester open, even while it may have been physically closed.

In light of our success in entering Phase 1 and 2, and our entering phase 3, today, please see the following information related to Village of Port Chester government/ department functions:


  • Village offices & staff will be operating at fifty (50%) capacity through July 1st.
  • All members of the public who have business with, and wish to enter Village Hall, The Justice Court, The Port Chester Police Department, or any of our Firehouses MUST wear a mask at all times during their visit.
  • All members of the public (including village employees/ vendors/ contractors) will be required to participate in a temperature testing scan at the entrance of municipal properties before they can be granted access to departments and offices.
  • Where otherwise indicated, all business with village departments will be approved through appointment only.


  • The Village of Port Chester Senior Center remains closed at this time and until further notice.
  • At-home food deliveries will remain in effect, and at current output, throughout Phase 2; the village will continue to provide meal deliveries Monday through Saturday with a cold meal provided each Saturday that can be utilized for Sunday.
  • Feeding Westchester will provide another large deliver of produce for distribution.  Please call our Senior Center at 914.305.2525 for additional details.


  • Parking enforcement policies & procedures in the downtown village area resumed to normal levels effective May 26, 2020; this includes alternate side of the street parking.
  • Parking enforcement policies & procedures in the residential village areas resumed to normal levels effective June 1, 2020; this includes alternate side of the street parking.


  • ALL scheduling adjustments that were adopted by the department in response to COVID-19 operations, including the bulk pickup calendar, will remain in effect until further notice.


  • ALL matters remain administratively adjourned until further notice.
  • The transaction windows will be open from 8:30 AM through 1:00 PM Monday – Friday.
  • Ticket payments can be made using cash, credit, or debit accounts.


  • As of June 1st, all permit review and issuance resumed.
  • All questions you may have regarding inspections, consultations, application availability, or related policies & procedures may be answered by logging on to or by calling the Building Department directly at 914.939.5203.
  • Permits for TEMPORARY OUTDOOR DINING can be obtained by visiting the building department section of or by calling them directly at 914.939.5203


  • 2020 Summer camps are cancelled.
  • Refunds for cancelled Spring and Summer activities are currently being processed; please feel free to call 914.939.2354 with any questions you may have related to you refund(s).

The COVID-19 outbreak has been a rapidly evolving pandemic over these many months, and the village has done its very best to keep our residents abreast of the ever-changing response measures we have taken to successfully help “Flatten The Curve.”  Again, however, there is still much improvement to be made.  We must continue to exercise restraint in partaking in unnecessary travel to visit locations outside of our region (including the state of Connecticut), maintain our diligence when it comes to social distancing, wearing a mask in public when you cannot maintain six feet of separation from another person, and sticking to sanitary practices that include washing our hands regularly.  Our village will remain cautious, uphold mandatory health and safety procedures and orders that have already been adopted locally to protect our public, and continue to listen to those communications provided by Westchester County and the NY State Health Departments, the governor’s office, local elected officials, and the CDC.