Role of the Village Manager (cont'd)

The Village Manager is responsible for seeing to the execution and enforcement of the ordinances and other enactments of the Board of Trustees, as well as federal, state and county laws and regulations applicable to the Village. He shall oversee the fulfillment of provisions of franchises, licenses, permits and privileges granted to the Village, and contracts to which it is a party, and to recommend appropriate remedial action to the Board of Trustees in the event that commitments are not fulfilled. The Village Manger shall also propose to the Board of Trustees such legislative and policy measures as he deems necessary for the health, safety and welfare of the community and that will improve the effectiveness, efficiency and services provided by the Village government or reduce its costs.

The Village Manager shall also be the Chief Fiscal Officer of the Village and propose an annual budget estimate, capital improvement program and recommendations for financing them. He shall have and exercise all other powers and duties of a Village budget officer as prescribed by law and control expenditures within the amounts appropriated by the Board of Trustees by enforcing appropriate administrative controls. He shall report and interpret the financial condition of the Village to the Board of Trustees regularly and to initiate or recommend such actions as may be necessary to avoid incurring a deficit.