Dining and Nutrition


Daily Lunch Program


1st- Chicken Fajitas

2nd- Roast Turkey

3rd- Sole Florentine

4th- Meatball Wedge

6th- Chicken Cutlet Marsala

7th- Boneless Breaded Pork chop

8th- Baked Tilapia Oreganata

9th- Veteran's Day Breakfast 10 am - Cost $2 for non veterans - free to veterans

                                Lunch- Turkey & Cheese Sandwich - Served at noon Cost $2

10th- Closed for Veteran's Day

11th- Roast Turkey

13th- Salisbury Steak

14th- Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli

15th- Sweet & Sour Pork

16th- Salmon Patty

17th- Chicken Ratatouille

18th- Stuffed Shells

20th- Sole Florentine

21st- Thanksgiving Luncheon - Roast Turkey

22nd- Broccoli & Cheese Quiche

23rd & 24th- Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

25th- Chicken Chow Mein

27th- Crispy Baked Fish

28th- Mexican Lasagna

29th- Boneless Breaded Pork Chop

30th- Tuscan Style Chicken

Dec. 1st - Italian Meatballs

2nd- Beef Stew