Purpose of the Recreation Commission

  • To promote the recreation programs in the Village of Port Chester by acting in an advisory capacity to the Village Board of Trustees and by serving as liaison between the Board of Trustees, the Recreation Superintendent and the Port Chester community on programs, areas, facilities, public relations and other matters pertaining to recreation.
  • To recommend, through the Recreation Superintendent, to the Village Board programs, actions or activities to be undertaken by the Board, Commission or Recreation Department to foster community interest in recreation programs.
  • To make any recreation studies as the Commission or the Board of Trustees deems necessary for the purpose of reporting to the Board on recreation matters.
  • To appraise the use of village parks along with the Port Chester Parks Commission for the purpose of developing recommendations to the Village Board of Trustees as to their use for recreation purposes or for unprogrammed open space
  • To hold public meetings and, with prior approval of the Village Board, such other conferences and meetings as may be deemed advisable
  • To make such other studies and take other actions as may be directed from time to time by the Village Board of Trustees.