Second Public Draft of the proposed Village of Port Chester Form-Based Code

2nd Form-Based Code
The Village is pleased to release the Second Public Draft of the proposed Village of Port Chester Form-Based Code. The document can be downloaded on the Department of Planning & Economic Development’s webpage:
The Draft will soon be available at the Plan the Port website:
This Second Public Draft is the result of nearly a year of outreach to the community, stakeholders, staff, and elected officials. Beyond discussions and comments received at various Board of Trustees / Planning Commission meetings and workshops, over ten written comments were provided. All told, nearly 200 comments were provided and reviewed.
While a “response to comments” is not provided, the Second Public Draft integrates many, if not most, of those comments. You can find each of the written comments at the Department’s webpage and soon at
What Has Changed?
  1. A Preamble has been added to introduce a reader to the Code.
  2. The CD-4 District has been revised to only permit non-residential uses on the following commercial corridors: Willett Ave., S. Regent St., William St. (between Washington St. & Pearl St.), Westchester Ave., Midland Ave., Boston Post Rd., N. Main St., Bowman Ave., and Putnam Ave. (between N. Main St. & Willett Ave.).
  3. New sign standards and regulations are provided (Article 7).
  4. The Administration (Article 8) section has been completely revised to reflect a streamlined process.
  5. Clarification on many of the standards put forth in Article 4, including the parking standards.
  6. Inclusion of text or graphics that were missing from the First Public Draft (throughout the document)
  7. A new section on Nonconformities (Article 9) has been added.
  8. A new subsection on what are the procedures between the transition from the old zoning code to the new one (see Article 1).
  9. The Uses have been refined to clearly delineate permitted uses, special exception uses with specific criteria, not permitted uses, and the addition of temporary uses (see Article 4).
What Did Not Change?
  1. Density & Height – The Second Public Draft did not respond to the various comments regarding density and height. The reason for this is that it is a policy decision and the Board of Trustees provided clear direction on density and height via a resolution on June 5, 2019.
  2. Affordable Housing – Similarly, the Second Public Draft does not divert from the original proposal, which reflects Westchester County’s Model Affordable Housing Ordinance. The Sustainable Port Chester Alliance has provided in their “Blueprint for a Fair Rezoning and Development in Port Chester” recommended changes to that model ordinance. To assist the policy decision, staff has provided a comparison of the excerpted currently proposed language from the Second Public Draft and the Alliance’s recommended language. You can find that comparison at Department’s webpage and soon at
Please take the time to review the new draft. As always, me and my staff are available to answer any questions regarding the Second Public Draft. You can reach me as follows:
Phone: (914) 937-6780
The Plan the Port website also provides the ability to comment as well.
We look forward to continuing the conversation with the community on the proposed zoning; there will be a number of meetings, workshops, and engagement opportunities as we move forward.
Eric Zamft, AICP, Director
Village of Port Chester, Department of Planning & Economic Development