Village of Port Chester Green Infrastructure Guide!
Village of Port Chester Green Infrastructure Guide
Village of Port Chester Green Infrastructure Guide!
Urban stormwater continues to be a significant source of water pollution and public health concern. As the Village of Port Chester, NY continues to grow, develop, and redevelop, the Village examines opportunities for sustainable and effective approaches to reduce existing and emerging sources of pollution entering the stormwater system and ultimately the Byram River.
With the development of the Green Infrastructure Guide, the Village seeks to provide the Village staff, the local development community, and private property owners with a resource that promotes the implementation of a range of green infrastructure practices for addressing stormwater management. This voluntary guide is intended to help address stormwater challenges, with the overarching goal of improving water quality in the Byram River. It was conceived as a flexible, big picture tool that can be modified and expanded in the future in response to evolving conditions in the Village. The guide seeks to:
  • Promote the protection of local water quality,
  • Provide a concise, visually accessible overview of the types of green infrastructure practices available as tools for the Village as well as private property owners and developers,
  • Review general design guidelines and considerations for green infrastructure practices,
  • Educate about and increase local familiarity with these practices and their applications, and
  • Encourage and assist in the incorporation and implementation of these practices.

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