Mayor Richard Falanka
Mayor Richard Falanka
This is Mayor Richard Falanka  I would like to update our Village residents on the current emergency situation in respect to the Coronavirus.  Our residents can feel assured that the professional staff of our Village will be available to ensure their safety.  We have the best public servants.  You have already seen the cooperative efforts of Westchester County, New York State and the Federal Government.  Be assured that the Village of Port Chester is cooperating with them.  We are trained and prepared.
These are unprecedented times but these are the times when the strengths of our Village shine the best.  We will care for our young.  We will care for our elderly.  We will care for our neighbors and our residents, and we will care for our visitors.
Many in our Village are on the front lines as First Responders, Police Department, Fire Department and EMS.  Please support them as they do their jobs to ensure our safety.
During this time of crisis, I want to express my encouragement to our residents and visitors to the Village of Port Chester.  Please do your best to help.  There is no need to panic.  Avoid unnecessary trips.  Avoid unnecessary calls to emergency centers, but call if you must.  Follow public health guidelines.  Wash your hands and stay in your homes unless it is necessary for you to be out.  Call on those who might be shut in, and if you know of someone who might be in need of food, tell someone. 
Our Village businesses, particularly Neri's Bakery, our food pantries, the Salvation Army, and Caritas have pledged that no one will go hungry during this critical time.   Now is the time for all of Port Chester to pull together and weather the current storm.  I ask you not to be afraid but to stay calm.  Let the professional public servants do their job and help them when you can.  I hope that you and your families all stay safe in this difficult time.
Please let the professional public servants do their jobs, and help them if you can. Also, please continue to look for updates from the Village Manager on the Village Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and NIXLE alert system.