Six-Month Financial Report (Budget FY 2017-2018) - Strategic Plan Implementation Action Plan
Village Seal
On January 22nd, the Village Manager presented the 2017-2018 Midyear Strategic Plan Update. The Strategic Plan was adopted in April 2017 by the Board to set a direction for the Village and staff for the next five years. Mr. Steers reported on the financial health of the Village’s revenues and expenditures, reflected on the milestones achieved in implementing the objectives of the Strategic Plan, and projected the Village’s plans in completing those objectives over the next four years.
The manager also reviewed the health of the Village by discussing the directional fiscal change the Village has made and the potential repercussions had the strategic change not occurred. The result is that the Village budgeted and actual expenditures have been at less than a 0.25% difference, an unheard-of precedent for the Village.
As for the Strategic Plan, the Village has begun most of the 27 objectives focusing on Resiliency, Smart Growth, and Resource Management. The Village is on course to show progress on all of its objectives by May 31st, and is on track to completing all of its objectives within the 2017-2022 time frame of the Strategic Plan.
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